Prism Dining Table

Product Description

Unabashedly modern, Prism was designed to make a bold, singular statement. Angles abound, from the folded steel construction to the sleek geometric lines of the body. We have paired this striking silhouette with our new extension mechanism for the utmost in ease, flexibility, and strength.

Our extension mechanism provides smooth travel and exceptional rigidity, with none of the shakiness or noise of other extension tables.

For a show-stopping effect, choose from two Italian ceramic tops: Nero in a gloss finish, or Blanco in a luscious matte finish. Or you can choose to have tempered clear glass tabletops so the beauty of the base is fully visible.   

Glass 65"
39d x 65w x 30h opens to 97"

Glass 78"
39d x 78w x 30h opens to 110"

39.25d x 78w x 30h opens to 110"

1/2" top ceramic or clear glass


by Elite Modern

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