Oios Metals - Revolution

Product Description

"Oios" is the Greek word for "unique"- a truly perfect name for a company that produces almost any custom metal piece. Everything is made to order in our Denver, Colorado, USA factory and is exclusively produced from 98% recycled metals making ours the most green sustainable products you will ever find.

OIOS METALS Home Furnishings is the most unique design concept in years. Our furnishings are individually constructed by hand and made in the U.S.A. Our Armor coated metals are finished with a revolutionary baked on polymer making them very scratch resistant and nearly indestructible. They will not fade or bleach from the sun, burn or dry out from excessively semi-arid climates. Simply put, anything we produce will be the most durable, longest lasting piece of furniture you will ever own.



48" D x 72"-78" L x 30" H 

*Floor model may vary from the pictures posted. Please stop by our showroom to look at the models available.