Galactica Swivel Chair

Product Description

All interior designers have a few favorite pieces of furniture that for whatever reason, they seem to come back to over and over again.  When it comes to chairs, one of the favorites among our designers is the Galactica Swivel Chair by Lazar.  The Galactica is a modern, comfortable design that can be built for both indoor and outdoor use making it the perfect addition to any home. 

A truly stunning look that features a unique back rest with a floating window back that lends itself exceptionally well to just about any room or patio setting. When your done sitting, just stand and the swivel plate returns the chair to re-center itself automatically.  Available in an array of fabrics and colors, including a selection of two-tone designs that our designers have fun creating. 

Indoor or Outdoor

Dimensions: 33W X 29H X 32D, 22SW, 17SH, 23SD, 29AH, 80LBS

Description: Return Swivel Chair

As Shown: Appeal Jade Mist


by Lazar 

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