Take the Stressless Challenge

The FM Stressless Challenge is a unique personal and business experience designed to enhance the quality of life in the office.

Like many successful business professionals, you probably spend a lot of time at your desk in the office as well as at home.  It’s just a fact of life when running a business.  Yet, studies have shown that very often very little attention is spent by professionals in selecting the right furniture, and in particular, the right chair that would help make their time there more comfortable and productive.

To achieve that goal, we offer Stressless Chairs.  Stressless Office chairs, just like their home recliner and sofa counterparts are designed with comfort in mind – foremost & primary!  In fact, they have been endorsed by American Chiropractic Association for building furniture using sound ergonomic principles.

That is where the FM Stressless Challenge comes in.   We challenge business people to allow Furniture Market to replace their current desk chair with a Stressless Office chair for 14 days.  At the end of that time, if they do not realize the dramatic difference in comfort and overall well-being they’ve experienced, we’ll pick-up the Stressless Chair and return their old chair – no questions asked!  There is no cost or obligation to purchase anything.  That’s how confident we are!